Innovation Excellence Masterclass
by Rowan Gibson

22 - 24 November 2016
The Address Hotel Marina, Dubai

Innovation Excellence Masterclass - 3 days - Limited places

Who should attend?

This MasterClass has been created for business leaders, directors, VPs or mid-level managers, innovation specialists and change agents within any sector who want to lead or manage an innovative organization, change corporate culture and create an enduring competitive advantage.

What About the Training

The objective of this MasterClass is to drive innovation to the core of your company to consistently produce significant return on investment and maintain a strong competitive advantage. Through Rowan Gibson’s Four Lenses of Innovation ™ and blueprint for an Innovation System, this MasterClass will teach industry leaders exactly what it takes to build and sustain a deep enterprise capability for value-creating innovation.

Why Key Benefits

  • Identify how to embed innovation as an ubiquitous, self-sustaining enterprise capability.
  • Develop an “Innovation Architecture” that provides consistency and strategic coherence to the innovation portfolio.
  • Analyze how to put a management infrastructure in place to drive and support innovation.
  • Implement your innovation strategy across all functions.
  • Measure and continuously improve innovation performance.

The award-winnig "Global Leader of Innovation" - Live and in Person!

Rowan Gibson

Portrait of Rowan Gibson

Rowan Gibson is a top keynote speaker and management educator in 61 countries across the globe. The media have labeled him “Mr. Innovation”, “the Innovation Grandmaster”, “the W. Edwards Deming of innovation” and “a guru among the gurus”. He is the internationally bestselling author of 3 major books, which have been published in 25 languages, and has served as a “strategic secret weapon” for the Fortune 500 for over two decades. In 2015 Rowan received the prestigious “Global Leader of Innovation” award for his significant contribution to the field of innovation and business strategy.


“Rowan Gibson is inspiring!” – COCA-COLA

“Brilliant.” – RENAULT

“Terrific.” – ACCENTURE

“Thought provoking and a pleasure to hear.” – MÖVENPICK

“Amazing ... pushing us forward.” – MICROSOFT

“Energizing.” – MARS

“Fantastic.” – STEELCASE

“Rowan was relevant, dynamic, practical, and held my attention throughout the day.” – APA INSURANCE


“Very Inspiring” – ERNST & YOUNG

“The 4 Lenses of Innovation – outstanding.” – KPMG

“Rowan transformed our organization by shaking our culture.” – BAYER

“Rowan Gibson unlocked our potential for innovation.” – AIRBUS

Exclusive 3 days Masterclass

Day 1

Making Innovation Happen! The New Strategic Imperative

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Innovation Excellence - the Critical Platform for Growth and Renewal
  • Quick Innovation Audit and Interactive Discussion
  • Innovation Excellence Continued
  • Coffee & Refreshment Break
  • Understanding Where Innovation Comes From
  • Networking Lunch
  • Interactive Workshop: Using the Four Lenses
  • Coffee & Refreshment Break
  • How Big Ideas are Built - Turning Insights into Opportunities
  • How do you manage Insights? Interactive Discussion
  • Summary of the day & evening work
  • Close
  • Networking Opportunity

Day 2

Managing Innovation as a Disciplined Organizational Process

  • Turning the Serendipitous into the Systematic
  • Managing the Front End of Innovation
  • Tapping into Rich Sources of Creativity
  • Coffee & Refreshment Break
  • Business Model Innovation - Finding New Ways to Create Value and Advantage
  • The 5 Minute Business Model - working in pairs
  • Networking Lunch
  • Interactive Workshop: Business Model Innovation
  • Coffee & Refreshment Break
  • Managing the Back End of Innovation - Taking Ideas from the Mind to the Market
  • Summarising the day & evening work
  • Close

Day 3

The Transformational Journey to Innovation Excellence

  • Beyond Tools and Techniques - Understanding the Human Side of the Equation
  • Coffee & Refreshment Break
  • Driving Innovation to the Core - Building a Sustainable Enterprise Capability
  • Networking Lunch
  • Interactive Workshop: Innovation Embedment
  • Coffee & Refreshment Break
  • Taking the Innovation Journey - Facing up to the Organizational Challenge
  • Visualizing the Innovation Journey - Working in Teams
  • Summary of the Day

Register to the Masterclass

How to register

To register yourself or a member of your organization or for further inquiries, please contact us via telephone or email.

Discounts available for groups

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